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The Historical Property Ownership Report (HPO)

The HPO Report is accepted  as a Standard Historical Source under ASTM E 1527-05. It provides valuable information that can help you determine previous uses of a property when conducting a Phase I ESA.

This report includes the Historical Property Chain of Ownership with dates and recording information of a particular property dating back to 1940.  It also includes recorded easements, surface leases, environmental liens - aul's,parcel identification number and full legal description of the subject property.  A copy of the current vesting instrument is attached to the report.


The Chain of Title Search Report (COT)

The COT Report is also accepted as a Standard Historical Source under ASTM E 1527-05.  Although not as thorough as a  the HPO report, the COT Report lists a complete Chain of Ownership data with dates and recording information of a particular property dating back to 1940.  The report includes the parcel identification number, legal description and a copy of the current vesting instrument


The ELS - AUL's Report (ELS)

This report is a comprehensive search on a property for a minimum of 20 years to include Environmental Lien, Activity or Use Limitations (AUL)and Deed Restrictions attributed to environmental concern.  A copy of the current vesting deed and copies of our findings (if any) are attached to the report.


The Environmental Property Report (EPR)

This product is a comprehensive Title Search report (a/k/a Ownership & Encumbrances a/k/a Current Owner Search)to include information on the current title holder,legal description, open mortgages, liens and judgments, real estate tax and assessment, recorded covenants, restrictions, limitations, Environmental lien, Activity or Use Limitations (AUL's).

Copy of the current vesting deed is provided with the report.


The 30 Year Title Search Report (TSR)

The 30-Year Title Search Report is usually a requirement for Title Insurance, Purchases, Title Opinions and evidence for Marketable Title. 
A chain of title search going back 30-years is performed, open mortgage and assignment search on all owners in the chain of title, federal and state lien search on all owners in the chain of title, Home Owner Association lien search on all owners, Civil judgment search including Foreclosure Proceedings, mechanic's lien, bankruptcy and tax delinquency status. 

If commercial property, surface leases are reported.

Any recorded restrictions, covenants, limitations and reservations during the time framed searched.


The Building Permit Report (BPR)

A comprehensive report showing Permit data on both target property and adjoining properties.

Data reported includes: date of permit, permit type, permit number, status, valuation, contractor company, contractor name and description.


The Special Request Search Report (SRS)

This Special Request Search is also kmown as Cutom Search.

There is no easier way to say it:  You Name It, We Search It!




Our Products

~ Historical Property Ownership

~ Chain of Title Search

~ Environmnetal Lien AUL's Search

~ Environmental Property Report

~ 30 Year Title Search

~ Building Permit Report

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